Sup I'm SilverShadeFoxes

I have played Gmod Tower since Lobby 1 and and have been playing Tower Unite since it was released. i have been on the forums without without signing up for a while and thought it would be easier to just sign up. I love this games and I’m looking forward to see all the new features and all the great memories this games will bring.


Welcome to the new tower and forums SilverShadeFoxes. :slight_smile: Never forget the moon theatre and MiB fan room.

Welcome to the community! :raising_hand:

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @SilverShadeFoxes!

hai, welcome!

Welcome SilverShadeFoxe! :smiley:

Welcome to our glorious community

welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! :raising_hand: