Summit1G is addicted to the Casino

Summit has fallen into the trap that most players experience when playing Tower Unite…
He can’t stop thinking about the Casino.

Also going to compile a montage of all of their funny moments and edit it into a nice video for you all.
Perspectives to include JoshOG, Summit1G, and Dyrus.


I really want to hear him complain about the mini games, sort of like when he plays counter strike or h1z1.

He’s already complaining about bowling XD

The problem is that when they go on a lobby server there’s 64 people and they lag hard

There’s 2 ways to fix that, they upgrade their hardware/bandwith for the lobby servers, or decrease the player slots on the server. Not much else can be done other then joining a different server that is either less full or going to a community based server instead and hoping that the experience is better. Its all up to the devs on what to do to the official server, if they want to dump some more cash into upgrading or just reducing how many players can join per server.