Summer/Halloween Characters for Condos

It would be cool if you were able to bring characters like King Arthritis, Hungry Howie, and Dire Chad to your condo to hang around.

dont you mean “Howie”

That’s Hungry Howie to you

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Woops. There’s some weird chocolate egg thing where I live called Yowie and I keep getting Howie confused with it.

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Wait. Hungry Howie? like the pizza?

I’m talking about the zombie in the tent. That’s what people call him.

he does seem pretty hungry judging by the fact that he’s literally constantly eating

And even the ability to add your own characters with customized chat sounds like King Arthritis’ text sound for example and be able to script what your NPC says. Food for thought with adding interactive abilities like replying to the NPC with options and the NPC can respond accordingly to each response.