Suite: Condo Edit, Tweaks & Fixes

I plan on doing a list of suggestions for what should be edited, tweaked and/or fixed for each condo, but for now I’m starting the little and nostalgic condo: Suite.

I love this condo and I’ve been super excited to play around with it the second it was announced. However I feel like there’s a ton of flaws worth mentioning. That being said here’s the list:

  • Modify the door frame (Both up and downstairs.) to fit the door models sold in stores.

  • Remove the door lock hole (Is that what it’s called?) from the door frame. Players are going to choose which way the door opens and closes. This detail assumes it’ll only open one way. (This is just nitpicking.)

  • Remove the downstairs bathroom & upstairs closet to be completely blank rooms. I bet this will be an unpopular opinion but I feel like these two rooms really hurt players opportunities to do something creative with these rooms. Someone could use that bathroom space for a private theater room, office, bedroom. You get the idea.

  • Add the ability to customizes the walls and floors under the stairs next to spawn.

  • Remove water collisions for placing props. Currently it’s kinda impossible to decorate or be creative with your fish tank. (This change should affect all condos with water.)

  • This is very minor, but add the ability to customize the walls next to the windows. (They’re grey bricks by default.)

  • This technically doesn’t belong in this thread, but add a (or more then one) unique double door item for this door frame.

  • Remove this floating plank from both sides of the backyard deck. Only the main suite has it and it’s not even connected / supporting anything.

  • Remove the trees in all of the backyards. I personally always disliked the tree in the original gmt map, and now that the nature store exist it makes this tree even more questionable.

  • Remove the insides of the neighboring suites and make the glass non-transparent. They’re a neat idea but each suite is inconsistent, lacks lighting and doesn’t have editable walls. (Some suites also have visible bugs that can be seen from the main suites backyard.) Plus I assume this would help optimize the map?

  • Extend the cliff side walkway/railing. You can see the end of it on both the left and right side from the main suites backyard. (This screenshot was taken from the intended play area.)

  • Thin out the invisible walls next to the backyard. (They’re HUGE.) The microwaves in the picture displays where the invisible walls stop.

  • Modify the outside lights to turn on when it’s night time. (Maybe also make the banners canvases?)

  • Either remove the upstairs suites completely or make the glass non-transparent (Like in a previous suggestion.) Properly center the suites to match the ones downstairs and remove/nodraw that horrid stretched grey brick texture on the floor. Without noclip players wont be able to see it so there’s no point in having it.

  • Fix the unusually big gap between one of the two suites backyards. (This is nitpicking but it is odd.)

  • This thing (I don’t know what this is called) ends too early on both sides of the building.

Agree with all this but we gotta wait until Johanna can get back to refining some bits of these condos. Doors not fitting frames is what bothers me the most though.


I just wanna say there isn’t collision for the water itself in the aquarium in regards to objects objects, that’s an invisible box that only covers the middle of the aquarium, other than that these seem like a much needed tune up.
Please keep looking for more of these.

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Agree with all of these.