Suicide option in Ballrace

The ability to suicide in Ballrace would help in those rare situations when you get stuck like this…

…and you cannot get out. Without a suicide feature, players who get stuck will have to wait for the timer to run out (imagine this in multiplayer) for the next round or restart. Thus, any people who want to delay the round intentionally would get themselves stuck as an excuse to why they are delaying, as there is no way to suicide then.
Not to mention the “comedy value” of popping right before reaching the end of a stage instead of throwing yourself off the edge.


Great idea! At least for the purposes of the Alpha, this is needed.

I think a suicide option is kind of a must-have in any alpha of a game, as there obviously will be game breaking bugs where only suiciding might fix it.

Eh, I’m on the fence about this one.

Getting stuck (especially in Memories) was often pretty funny on GMT, and since the timer wasn’t that long, it was pretty great to watch them struggle for about thirty seconds before exploding.

I feel like this would be the problem. It would be abused. People could, say, spam suicide in the beginning, leaving one less person to complete it, and thus a greater chance of failing the level, or be the last one alive and suicide right before reaching the finish.

Even if it’s abused or not, it wouldn’t really change anything. People could just hurl themselves off the side of the stage.


I’m okay with adding that as an option.


Isn’t there already a kill button? Or is that just in the lobby?

Just lobby.

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