Suggestions to Improve Virus in Tower Unite!

Virus is probably my favorite game mode on Tower. But there could be some major improvements to it. Here are some that I think should be implemented in Tower Unite’s Virus:

  • Bullets should go through players.
    This is a simple one. Whenever I play Virus, there is always a moment where a few of us survivors are bunched up together. If I try to shoot the infected coming at us, the bullets stop at the survivor in front of me. This ends up in infuriating deaths.

  • Throwing arrow for dynamite.
    It’s always annoying not knowing where your dynamite is going to land. So there should be an arrow that shows the arc and landing point of the dynamite.

  • Perk roulette for Survivor and Infected:
    This could possibly be implemented as a mutator. Basically, this is a roulette that selects buffs and debuffs for both infected and survivors (meaning infected and survivors get one buff and debuff each). If it’s implemented as a mutator, the server host can select which rounds that have them. If it’s implemented in actual servers, perhaps every other round is a perk round. Here are some perk ideas:

    Survivor perks:

    • Increased ammo for all weapon types
    • Bullet-type ammunition has wall-penetrating effects
    • Lazer-type ammunition has burning effect
    • Increased adrenaline speed by 300%


  • Decreased movement speed
  • Decreased ammo for all types
  • Dynamite has less range
  • Increased recoil on all weapons

Infected perks:

  • Increased infection radius
  • Slowly regenerate health
  • Increased speed by 150%
  • Rage meter fills faster
  • Infected gets an AOE blast that pulls in survivors
    Can’t think of any

Tell me what you guys think about my suggestions!


no no no ono noononononono We do not want infected with radius infection, no.

Okay, then what else can you think of?

Hmm, interesting suggestions. I definitely agree with the first one. As for the dynamite arrow, I personally don’t think it should be added. I like the little bits of random, but I will say that I could do with less bouncy dynamite. Perhaps make it so you can set dynamite down with Mouse2, rather than being forced to throw it? The Perk system would also be rather interesting; I’m not sure if I’d like it in the main game or just as a mutator.

Here’s some more Infected Buff ideas:

  • [ammo type] is 50% less effective
  • Cannot take more than 50% damage in one shot

Here’s some Infected Debuff ideas:

  • Infection takes 0.5 seconds longer to spread
  • Spawning takes 1 second longer
  • 10% less max health

How about some General Debuffs? They’d be applicable to either survivors or infected.

  • Player accelerates 50% slower
  • Vision is impaired (fog effect)
  • Loss of radar (or radar update lag)
  • Drunk (player sways involuntarily)

General Buff idea:

  • Radar can detect direction of players outside its detection radius

Of course, all values given in my ideas are subject to change.

I don’t really agree with the throwing arrow, since how well you throw it should be determined by skill (besides, they’re not all that hard to throw anyway). It could work as a buff for the survivors, I guess.

Some more perks:
Survivor perks:


  • Weapon knockback
  • Faster fire rate
  • Faster reload
  • Can shoot through players (if your suggestion’s not accepted)


  • Slower fire rate
  • Slower reload
  • Can’t shoot through players (if your suggestion’s accepted)

Infected perks:


  • Radius infection on death
  • Decreased time for flame generation
  • Health restoration when infecting a survivor (paired with draining health)
  • Not displayed on minimap when flame isn’t generated


  • Increased time for flame generation
  • Health slowly drains (paired with health restoration)

The only skill required (and that should be required) is pointing to where you want to throw it. I’m asking for this feature because I hate the random bouncing the dynamite has. It never bounces to where I want it to go.

Absolutely agreed with the first one. It’s quite annoying when there’s that guy who loves to cluster with their teammates.

And I like the mutator idea, buffs and debuffs are always a nice addition to multiplayer games. It could be extended to PVP too

I agree with both bullet points here. Not entirely sure about perks/buffs just yet.


Personally, I disagree with having bullets go through players.
It’s always irritating enough when you’re the first infected on Hospital and everyone’s hanging opposite the front desk by the drinks machines. (You know the place.)

Having bullets go through promotes bunching together like that, and I really think it’s a detriment to the game experience.
Players should have more incentive to stay apart, so that smaller amounts of infected have a slightly better chance at catching some people and actually escalating the round, as opposed to having everyone all camp one area and kill the first infected over and over till the round ends.


Well, it’s not fair for the survivors either. Staying together is key for survival. But when you’re all bunched up, only one or two survivors are actually able to shoot the infected. All the other players behind them are out of luck. If one of the front players miss, then it gives the infected an unfair opportunity to strike back, just because the back players aren’t able to shoot through them. As long as the infected are given a buff, then this feature should be implemented.

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Lol true that. You have to sniff the other guys rectum to infect them.

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I find I survive more often than not because I break off from everyone else and the infected prefer to go for the group.

As it should be. If you’re going to cluster together, you should pay the price of a chain reaction when one of you gets infected.

I’m not saying you can’t group up, but people literally bunch together on that gamemode and more often than not just mow down the infected like it’s nothing.

To add to this, it was made worse by the fact that, if you’re playing on GMTower from anywhere but America, you have to actually move through and past the person you’re chasing before it even infects them. Touching them directly does squat. Naturally, this makes groups a massive pain to deal with when I’m the first infected.

Thankfully EU servers on TU will amend that.


No, that actually happens pretty much everywhere. You’re not alone. I was about 3 feet away from an infected once and he still managed to get me. I’m pretty sure it has to do with lag compensation.

Please tell me where to get this fabled ‘lag compensation’, as I average 150-200 ping and I literally have to run into, and 3 meters past a person before they get infected.

“Lag compensation” is a bad thing. The server is basically predicting where all the players are so that the server can catch up. Sometimes it’s close, but it’s just bleh.

I know, I was just making a joke on account of the fact that I’ve never had such happen, and I tend to be pretty laggy at times.

Oh, it sounded like you were serious. I’m sorry, it’s hard to detect sarcasm on the internet sometimes.