Suggestions for the christmas season

Add a constant or occasional snow fall
Make the camp sites into two little christmas villages
Instead of presents on the beach have a sleigh fly over and drop presents within the plaza. The sleigh could be piloted by santa or a catsackaclause or something, also the presents would be clientside.
Have a gift item that would allow you to give someone an item of yours once (idk how hard it would be)

How about individual Christmas Light strings!

I was so pumped for Christmas Lights last year and was totally let down with the fact we could only purchase them attached to a tree or fence. They looked so good in the Christmas Plaza it was insult to injury.

I remember there was some crazy stuff happening in developement (I think they were dealing with regressions around this time or focused on a different update?) so here is to hoping this years Christmas will be a little more polished, it was a bit disappointing compared to the Halloween event last year. The plaza itself however, was fantastic.


You stole it, you stole my idea

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