Suggestions are getting really really scary

Is there anyone else who thinks that the suggestions have gotten a little in left field lately?
Like, people are suggesting things that might make good addons, but nothing I’d want shipped with the game itself.

TU doesn’t need a breeding system, it doesn’t need helicopters in Accelerate, it doesn’t need tons and tons of asthetics. Those things can be made by the community and subscribed to on the workshop.

If there’s something you want in TU, this is the perfect time to learn to make it. Not only will you have your item but you’ll have something to bring to the table when workshop opens!

We consider every suggestion made and based on popularity see if we can fit it into our road-map for future updates (if it also fits our gameplay).

In general, we have a solid idea of what we want to see happen with our game and we make the ultimate final choice for what ships with the game.

We love suggestions, sometimes people come up with stuff we could have never thought of!

People should be allowed to suggest everything they want, we don’t want to step on anyone’s ideas. It’s an open place for discussion among the community and a place where the developers can provide feedback.


Oh, I wasn’t trying to step on toes or anything, just was thinking that quality was starting to go down a little.
But seeing that yall consider if it fits actually makes me feel easier about things, so thanks for the reply!

Meh, I think the more suggestions the better. Sure, there’s some stuff which does not necessarily have to be shipped stock with the game, but I think there should still be some minorities included within the main game, so that it won’t appear bland and simple.

I thought my idea for a breeding system was good :frowning: