[Suggestion] Pressing F1 inside Gmod Tower brings you to the forums

Currently when pressing F1 in GMod Tower, you are taken to the kickstarter page for Tower Unite, which as far as I’m aware was meant to be changed to the indiegogo but seeing as that serves no purpose any more, I think it would be a good idea to use that function as a quick way to get to the forum, it may bring new users and give people quick access to posting suggestions or questions about both TU and GMod Tower.

Edit: It could also be used to link to the Tower Unite website as well

Maybe alt+F1 would work better. I bet a lot of people would accidentally hit it when trying to take a steam screenshot.

Unless they changed the default key for it… my screenshot button has always been F12. Kind of a stretch from F1.

Mine used to be f5 but then it randomly changed to f12 one day

I don’t particularly see the use for this, but it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. As long as it’s toggable.

Yeah, I’ll change it.