Suggestion: Placeable (and Consumable) Size Potions

Bear with me as I have no idea if this has been suggested before but, :thinking:

I think I’ve seen this issue come up a lot in my own condo, but a lot of the time I’ll notice players dont have any of the size potions, y’know, the tiny, small, normal, slightly bigger, large ones? Typically they have to reconnect or they just don’t get to experience the condo without changing models to one that miraculously can fit in a crawl space sized thing despite being huge.

So how about, placeable, consumable (like beer) size potions that you can shove down and use to temporarily gain a certain size? Even if it’s not something hugely useful to those who already have all the potions, it could still be used for fun and helping those who don’t already have em and come unprepped.

Yeah I would love to see this eventually being a thing. I’d also extend it to stuff like jetpacks and weapons so that you can set up obstacle courses or PvP arenas.

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