Suggestion: Make Ballrace Clientside

making ballrace clientside would fix alot of lag issues, especially with the input lag at high ping rates.


would be similar to the ballrace in GMT and would work the same too. was just asking if we could add this as whenever i try to host ballrace with my friends it can get to the point where the lag can make it unplayable.

You have to find balance in what to have on server side and what to have on client side. Otherwise it opens the door for cheaters. Though VAC will be implemented at some point.

Vac is already in there, people have been kicked from games because of vac auth errors from what I’ve seen.

No bans yet to my knowledge. They always come in bursts though.

If no one cheats, no one will get banned. So far I’ve only seen people use cheat engines shitty speedhack.

People like that might get banned in a few weeks/months.

i would just like to say this just in case, but please do avoid fighting on my thread. thanks :slight_smile:

There’s no fight here.

was just saying ahead of time, wasn’t implying there was.

So yeah… Ballrace is the game that is unplayable for me and my dudes… They are living in NA and CA and I am living in EU… When I host, everything is fine but the other guys get input lag to the max… when they host, I can’t play either… The input lag reaches from 0.5 secs to 1.0 seconds! As the game is already VAC protected, a client side implementation would not turn into a hackfest. Also I think making the game playable with your friends is more important than fighting cheaters… and after all, the server could work as a verifier of the motion it receives from the client, other games to it like that as well.

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i completely agree with you on that.

That’s how it is right now, the host is the server.

No what I mean is that the server just verifies if the motion is possible… but the actuall motion is done clientside

How would this verifying happen without the latency? You have to send the information about your movement to the server and server has to send the verification back.

How it works now is:
You try to move (your keyboard input gets sent to the host)
[Insert latency here]
Host says: Cool! Go right ahead (acknowledges you moved and sends the information back to you)
[Inser latency here]
You move

Your suggestion would likely cause the following:
You try to move -> You move (send information to the host)
[Insert latency here]
Host receives and verifies your movement
[Insert latency here]
You move back (aka. rubberband) based on your latency (which is the combination of time required to send your movement info to host, verify it, and send it back)

So maybe clientside movement is the answer for cross-continent matches after all. I’m an EU player myself, playing with a lot of US players, so I know what high ping does on Ballrace.
If VAC is actually already in place, I guess clientside is a solution.

The server just calculates if the player can move from point A to point B in that time and if it’s unpossible just kick the user for cheating as it’s not possible to go 100meters in 1 sec

It might be at the final level of Memories.
Also, making the host calculate this kind of information with multiple players simultaneously sounds like a monumental task to me. You have to take into account the geometry, boosters and unregular player movement speeds.

i would rather have a little bit of slingshotting instead of not being able to actually play.

ballrace actually uses physics to calculate the movement undersides of using a player pawn. That’s why so many problems of latency could fix easily, but would entail changing the way you play ballrace as much accuracy would not have intance of use physical movement.

The host already calculates the motion of the players. It would actually be less power…