Suggestion: Locker Tool

Very simple, just like Stasher, Copy Cat and Scaler (and the future grouper tool, prey to Jeff for this item) a Locker tool would not go unappreciated. As the name suggests a tool that allows you to quickly lock items from being edited would not go unappreciated as it is rather time consuming to lock items in place, unlock them when you want to edit them, then lock all of them again. Would be a nice quality of life item.

While this topic has been suggested before, I’m not gonna chatize you for posting this bc it should be brought up again since we need this.

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I wasnt aware this was brought up before. But yeah as you said, I think attention needs to be brought to it since I think I need this item

I found out today that all the textures in my condo reset after the update. All I could think while going through all my canvas blocks was how great it would be to just right click with a tool to unlock, edit the block, then left click to lock it again. Plz make this a thing.

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