Suggestion for Merch!

How about having where we can purchase a Catsack keychain? :slight_smile:

I would love this!

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve definitely talked about branching into other forms of merch as we continue to create designs, like making pins/plushes, so I don’t think keychains are out of the realm of possibility. However, the site we are using to sell designs doesn’t currently have an option for making keychains, as far as I’m aware.


There’s a Merch Suggestion thread, btw.

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On a related note, why did you guys go for Redbubble over, say, CafePress, for example? I had never even heard of Redbubble before. I’m sure there’s probably others too but basically everyone under the sun uses CafePress. Pretty sure they even have keychains as an option. Not to mention, Redbubbles listing strategy is very weird. Lol

I can’t speak as to why they chose it (I would assume something like it being cheaper to use), but personally I’ve never heard of CafePress, and see/hear about Redbubble everywhere, so which one is more prevalent seems to depend on the person/region.


I mainly know it cause it’s so old. Pretty sure it’s the original Merch store. Just looked it up and CafePress has been around since 1999 while Redbubble has been around since 2006. Was trying to see if I could find any kind of sales figures for either platform but I couldn’t.

Edit: According to Wikipedia, CafePress had 13 million as of 2011 and Redbubble had 10 as of 2014. Very old numbers but there are both quite big. CafePress is also partnered with ABC to be the exclusive seller of their Merch.

Edit 2: oooooooooooooh. So apparently last February, CafePress had a massive security breach and 23 million people’s emails got exposed, along with some people’s phone numbers, names, and addresses. Ok then. Redbubble it is. Lol


It is the opposite way round for me. This is the first time I’ve heard of cafe press and I’ve always known redbubble.


I didn’t even know CafePress still existed, from my personal perspective I’d say Redbubble is currently the most well known of that type of site. I do remember when CafePress held that title though, real nostalgia trip being reminded of that site!


Interesting. I guess I just don’t keep up with this kinda stuff enough.