Suction Tube Locations

Nobody can argue; suction tubes are amazing, but there aren’t enough! I’ve come up with more suction tube locations.

One for the monorail replacing the portal.

One going up the tower interior to the condo lobby.

And one that goes from the tower entrance around the island and to the rooftop.

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Monorail teleport is faster and cleaner
What’s wrong with elevators?
It fades out so you don’t see the whole ride

Keep the elevator AND have suction tubes.

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Ohh yess then i am happy

Wouldn’t that destroy the point of the monorail though?

No, it would remove the teleporter. The monorail would stay without any replacement.

This is what I was getting at.

Sorry for asking, but where are the suction tubes? I’ve never seen them before in the lobby.

They were shown off in a video. They aren’t actually in the game yet.

The casino. @Forden

Hopefully they’ll have it not fade.