Stuck loading game worlds

I wish to try this game so I just bought it today. I’m having a problem loading into the game world (the place where you can join the golf game, little crusaders, etc.). Hopefully you can see in the screenshot (

), when i load in I can look around but have no hud and I am stuck in place in loading purgatory. If anyone had any tips for a beginner for this game to solve this I would very much appreciate it.

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For now, you can try loading into game worlds straight through the main menu.

Clicking on the logo for a game world takes you to a server list, so you can join ongoing games, or games waiting for more players to start.


I confirm the error tacosupreme has. I just tried it, to go from plaza to Game-World. Got the same problem - after loading screen I entered Game-World, but couldn’t do anything. All pictures of the games there were in loading mode, the pillar in the middle was not completely loading, the text at the pillar “Go back to Server X” is now shown as “Go Back Text”.

I had got reports of other players to have the same issue. Seems to be a bug, but I have no clue where it comes from.

At one of the Board-Moderators: Please move thist thread to the Bug-Report-Section, as it is not a problem of the Support, but a bug, happen to several players.

Thank you.

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