Stretch goals added?

They were on the Indiegogo page.

That’s odd. I’m on the page now and they aren’t there. Yet, when I pulled it up on my phone a few minutes ago, they were they. Weird.

Actually, I just reloaded the page. They’re gone…?

I see them

*Edit: Refreshed the page and now it’s gone. Maybe someone uploaded the wrong graphic heh.

I saved the image of it,

Also, the stretch goals were gone when I refreshed.

“We’ll create an entire theme park connected to the Plaza with rollercoasters, experience rides, and interactive”
interactive what?

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Hah, that’s probably why they took it down.

CD-ROM. They’re going to make Jurassic Park, and you can’t spare no expense if you don’t have an Interactive CD-ROM.

Edit: On the kickstarter, the last couple words were “and interactive rides.”

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Hype for interactive!

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Interactive Hype!

So I DIDN’T go insane.

I wonder if the new gamemode will be that Unfinished Swan inspired gamemode for GMT that they canceled.

If your referring to the black paint one, I believe that entire idea was scrapped after the devs decided it wasn’t very fun to play.

I really enjoyed unfinished swan. But I find it hard to see how it’d work as a multiplayer game that wouldn’t get old quick.

I wonder if it could be that Nostalga Project that got canceled. I really want to know what it was.

I think that was something entirely different, but I wish I knew what the concept behind that was, too. That gamemode port in lobby1 always taunted me, being unplayable.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the many game modes they had planned for GMT. Hell. They DID say they were going to add a lot of stuff post launch. So maybe there will be a lot of gamemodes we dont know about releasing over the next few years.

From what I remember on the gamemodes page, it was supposed to be like a throwback to classic 2D platformer combat, like Super Smash Brothers.

This is why I don’t have a life.

Those are the old work in progress stretch goals. I accidentally put up the wrong image file for like 10 minutes. My bad. Those stretch goals are definitely subject to change as they were just place holders in my graphic. I won’t make the same mistake again.

Follow the indie gogo for the official ones.