Streaming Ultra Textures Even Though On Low

Hey okay so like I have a computer that’s basically a potato and I was able to run tower in about 20-30 fps no problem before with all the settings on low but ever since the new update where the engine was switch I get like 5-15 fps.

I think the reason is even thou I have everything on low the texture quality it still streams the textures on ultra for some reason. Is there anyway to help this problem?

Was told to post this one the forums by many people, I hope there is something I can do. I haven’t been able to play one of my favorite video games and it’s very frustrating. :anguished:


Inbefore people goes buy better specs or it is not a bug

It is consider as a bug since the game still shows the detail on high quality even though the settings has been set to low quality, decreasing the frames per second dramatic so the game is becoming unplayable for those who has a potato pc and can’t really effort new components.

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I have a friend playing on a laptop and all she can do is play Minigolf and Ballrace sometimes because anything else will entirely overload her system.

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Looks like my plans on using my probs lower than potato laptop to play TU just went up in flames

This is from a year ago. The game has gotten significantly more optimized since then.

Oh if thats the case then will it run on intergrated graphics?

No, Tower Unite still doesn’t work on integrated graphics as far as I know.

It’s not usually a good idea to run on integrated simply because they aren’t designed to handle the workload games like TU require, but you can certainly try. There was a period where my laptop’s graphics card stopped working, so I had to run off integrated to play. During that time, minimum graphics got me about 15 FPS in the lobby and 30 FPS in gameworlds. It wasn’t ideal, but I was still able to enjoy the game.

But the thing is, the last time i remebered, the laptop had a sticker on it, it said

intel celeron

Celeron is a cpu, not a gpu.

I know its a cpu im just telling you the specs

But that’s not all of the specs. Here’s an example of all of the specs:

Thats all i remember, i dont always have the laptop (or in this instance the craptop) at hand

Ill post the specs when i have time