Stream Recap: Friday, 8/31/18

Here’s a recap of today’s development live stream!
I may have forgotten a few details from the stream and I’ll edit the recap when I remember them.


The stream starts at 1:30.

  • ( 2:53 ) Global Chat was showed off! You can view local chat and announcements for things like opening catsacks or winning jackpots. You can also go to other game world servers and condos through the global chat.

  • ( 5:09 , 23:53 ) Workshop support is being added in! It will come out with player model, furniture and physics item support.

  • ( 5:49 ) You can now report players by right clicking them and clicking “Report”.

  • ( 23:10 ) Mac’s cat kills the microphone.

  • ( 32:47 ) Emotes were shown off! will launch with 11 emotes.

  • ( 37:19, 54:07 ) A lot of new items are being added in, including more drinks, flags, snails, rugs, canvas walls, glass panes, school desks/chairs and more!

  • ( 37:19 ) Transportation items are also being added! will include teleporters and launch pads.

  • ( 44:44 ) Matchmaking is being added in! The game world ports are now a separate map from the plaza and there will be a button on the main menu to go to them.

  • ( 50:02 ) The plaza is being decorated for summer! The islands near the transit station were replaced with camps.

  • ( 1:02:17 ) The new arcade was shown off! The interior was completely redesigned and new arcade machines were added. The Arcade is planned to be the next big update after

  • There was no Q/A since the stream was so long.



Awesome. And your link is busted.

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The link should be fixed now.

Yep. Works now.

  • Dave reigned his terror on the stream
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Btw, do u have a timestamp for global chat? Was just skimming through the stream because there were some sections that I didn’t care too much about and I saw nothing about global chat

The stream was divided into 2 videos because it had to go offline to solve a problem with the microphones, and I forgot to put the other part of the stream on the recap.

The global chat should be about 3 minutes into the first part of the stream.

did they say if anything about the arcade was being added in 6.0.0?

They said the arcade would be the next big update after


Despite the other interesting things that I saw in the stream, I don’t think that separating the gameworld ports from the lobby map and turning them into their own separate map is a good idea…

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Thanks alot!

I don’t know why but I have watched the stream 3 times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It doesn’t physically look or work any different. You still enter the teleporter from the plaza. It’s just that now, instead of each server having their own ports, there’s now one global port that every server is linked to. It’s a fantastic idea that’s gonna make it even easier to find games


What @balianthemighty said.

Plus, doing this means shorter loading times for everyone! Plaza no longer has to load the gameworld ports, and if you just want to join matchmaking, you don’t have to load into the plaza. Since everything is connected on global chat now, it also doesn’t matter if it’s on a different server since you can still chat with people at the gameworld ports anyways.


This was exciting to wake up to, thanks for the timestamps