Stream Recap - 11/4/2016

Hey everyone! Here is the recap for today’s (11/4) Twitch stream! Sorry for no photos, I’m a bit pressed on time. To make up for that, I have included the VoD in the post, so you can go back and watch the changes. As usual, questions at the end of the stream have been excluded from this post.

Stream VoD

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  • Bowling
  • There are 8 playable lanes.
  • Movement is still mouse based.
  • The direction is based on the angle of your mouse.
  • You can adjust the spin with your left and right mouse button.
  • 80’s animations have now been implemented. (by MrSunabouzu)
  • Purchasable bowling balls, player animations, and multiplayer testing is up next.
  • Cool spiny shaped lights
  • Shoe rental area added (will be used to sell bowling balls in the future)
  • Ball Race
  • Zak and Foohy have been hard at work to improve Ball Race networked movement.
  • Networking for ball race has been redesigned to be lag-free for clients.
  • Platform is not as jittery anymore.
  • Due to the network interpolation, other clients’ positions may be slightly behind where they are on their client.
  • Condos
  • You will probably have to buy the different condos (with in-game money)
  • The lobby 1 condo has been remastered for Tower Unite
  • Extra features like being able to store items in the fish tank.
  • Lobby 1’s Condo will release after House is released.
  • You are unable to change the time of day on the lobby 1 condo.
  • The weather editor now has presets, and the transitions between the different presets last 10 seconds.
  • You can have rain, hail, snow, thunder, fog, and clouds.
  • You are also able to create your own weather.
  • Rain will soon properly make wet surfaces reflective.
  • Minigolf
  • Steffen and Krionikal has been working on their candy map, with 9 of the 18 holes complete so far.
  • The title of the map is “mg_sweettooth”
  • Holes on mg_sweettooth are longer than standard maps (longest being Par 8)
  • Customization
  • Matt has started work on a noodle strainer hat, Royal Burger cardboard crown (for 1,000,000 Units), a scuba diving helment, and lastly a CRT monitor hat to go along with your old school keyboard.
  • Fishing
  • Mitterdoo has made great progress on fishing.
  • Upon walking into the fishing zone, your camera will change and you’ll get a popup when a fish.
  • The bait that you have changes what kind of fish you’ll find.
  • To catch a fish, you must keep your cursor within a specified zone to fill up a meter.
  • Misc
  • Media players have gotten a refresh button to stop any possible errors.
  • Media players now have a fixed gamma, so they won’t be too bright.
  • Updates
  • will include the new gameworld, ports, the extra lobby changes, and the new hats.


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