Story Time 2!


i know it was done before, but let’s keep having fun!!

ill start!

There was once a man named:


The end.


There is no point trying to make a game which already has a thread dedicated to it.


#Best story ever told :joy:


The end was a suicidal middle aged recently fired businessman who just regained his will to live for the one thing he realized mattered most to him in this life:


The end


Realizing he was the most important thing in life he decided the idea of having to die eventually was a bit silly so he became immortal.


The end.


As I probably stated before, we don’t need another thread dedicated to this game.


the end

hehe, also, it’s a long time ago before i started this. i wanted it to be another story! and so i didn’t think that there were one before that…

i really should have thought to myself before posting it…


One day and then almost darsh dern it and that about sums it up


“You bumped it after 8 months… Do you know what you’ve done?!” shouted agent.


“Do you have any idea what might happen if those 2 on the other thread saw what you did? ANY?”, he whispered but it was too late, someone creeped up behind him…


It was Mac, and he bagged Jinko and took him to the cells.