Steam screenshots are black


I don’t know if this is a bug in Linux or in the game, but if I take screenshots through Steam, they appear as totally black. I have to use a tool like gnome-screenshot in order to take screenshots of the game itself.


Yeah this is a pain, I’ve had it with other UE4 games too but not all UE4 games, so I have no idea what actually causes it.

I personally use scrot, I found other software tend to either not capture the window properly or popped up a box each time, in case you get the same I’ll put my method.

My command is in a script file and executed through keyboard shortcuts;
scrot -u -q 90 %Y:%m:%d-%H:%M:%S.jpg -e 'mv $f ~/Pictures/'


Could it be because of UE4.15? Another bug I posted will be fixed with the upgrade to UE4.18, according to @macdguy.


Not entirely sure, though 4.18 does appear to be bringing a ton of new cool stuff so hopefully something changes enough to fix it & more.