Steam Inventory

When I was searching through all the new things for the standalone version, there was no steam inventory integration.

This would make inventory handling easier and more secure (presumably), Also remember to add trading cards, I must have the level 5 badge and the foil one, a chat icon suggestion is a cake, I don’t care what cake, just a cake.

I’m pretty sure they have stated it before, because I believe the whole idea has been Steam Inventory integration.

Correct, this has been our intention from the start. We’ll also be making use of steam matchmaking.

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How is steam inventory integration supposed to work? What items and such will use it?

Wait… what?

What’s the point of that even?

Can’t I just play with a group I desire instead?

Imagine it sort of like TF2’s backpack system, everything that’s in your trunk, inventory, or hats will be in the steam inventory and synced in the cloud. (This also means Steam trading!)

You’re judging a book by it’s cover. Steamworks has a fantastic multiplayer backend that will allow us to do peer to peer game world instances, as well as easily finding a lobby to join (with your party)

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I still hope there’ll be a server browser - I don’t want to be into random places most of the time.

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Of course.