Steam Group Implementation

As most are well aware, Steam has a system where you can make/join groups. Perhaps TU could use this feature to easily group people together (although not automatically, unless there was some sort of option)? Apologies if this is already being contemplated; I remember you guys saying that you wanted to implement most of Steam’s features into TU. Since I don’t really have an idea as to how everything would work, I’m going to refrain from adding a poll. What are your thoughts on this? How do you think it should work?

Could you expand on this a bit?

My personal thoughts aren’t really clear on this, as I noted at the end of the post. If I had to give some example, it would be something like an option that automatically attempts to group players both on the server and in group X together. That way you wouldn’t need to send out a request to every person. It’s nothing big, but people do like efficiency.

I think this would be a great idea. The way PAYDAY 2 does steam group implementation is good whereby you receive free items and other cool stuff regularly and for free and also allows everyone to keep up to date with announcements that PixelTail may want to put out (like patch notes, seasonal events etc.) and all a user needs to do is join the steam group which is also free and is a win win for players who get free stuff and a win for the devs as they are able to keep everyone updated about the game in one central place.

Also allowing server owners to display the ip’s of those servers would also allow players to find servers easily that for instance maybe in their time zone or that their friends play on.

So personally, if PixelTail were to implement it in the that PAYDAY 2 does it, I can see it being a very good thing.

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I think that Arkive is suggesting something in a similar way that Unturned manages their group system, although in Unturned there isn’t really much that the implementation does, other than it shows people who belong to the same group over the map.

I think that a group integration could probably work in a better way in Tower, such as having a tab in the player list which lists the players online in tower who belong to your group. Having restriction options such as restricting your server or condo to a Steam group is also something that seems viable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only that, what James also said. Having a free item for joining the official group would also be a neat thing (and in Payday, it does the job fantastic). :wink:

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Steam Game Groups are integrated into the game hub
You can’t really do it for Tower Unite yet as it is still private and unpublished