Steam Friends

Hey guy so my little brother removed everyone from my friends list do you mind adding me again ? :pensive:


there you go

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added ya back bud


Typical little brother thing!

I wasn’t even on there to begin with :sunglasses:

Use family share and don’t let him access your account!

He can’t access my account he is only 10 years old just i had my laptop open and i left and i forgot to lock it

Hahaha, aren’t kids wonderful? :smile:

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rip steam friends

This answers my confusion when I saw your notification haha!

You mean your little bother?

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For future reference, get into the habit of locking your computer whenever you’re away from it- even briefly. On Windows, you can lock the computer quickly using Super+L.


Feel free to drop an invite on me.

I could need a chat buddy.