Steam Cards & Badge

I’m sure I have heard the answer before, but I do want to make sure. Will there be steam cards and a badge? Also how many levels are there for the badge? And also how many steam cards will there be?

Yes, there will be. The levels will probably go up to 5, just like every other game.

Yes; to answer your second question, it should go up to five, like most badges. As to how many cards there will be, I don’t know. I’d expect possibly 8 for the games (One for each game), and probably 1 for the plaza, one for the arcade, and another for condos, however I don’t know the specific amount.

Oh sorry I do apologize, I didn’t know :slight_smile:

Also, I’m pretty sure @Zak said that all in-game items acquired will be in the form of steam inventory items (like skins in cs:go).

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