Steam Alpha Question

I’m sorry if this has already been answered before. Is my steam alpha key valid for multple computers?
I understand the key can only be used once, but once added to my library can I download it on multiple machines?

I believe that, when something is in your steam library, it is always there, regardless of machine, and steam will offer to install it for you.

Yes, it will remain in your library and if you move PC’s or have to reinstall steam it will still be there and you can install it like any other steam game.

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when you download a game it goes into the library
and the library is connected to your profile
you just need to sign into the profile and then library and then BOOM a uninstalled tower unite alpha ready to be installed on that computer

However, note that the key can be activated on ONE account, so chose your personal Steam account.

When using family sharing, only one instance of the game can be running at a time, so two accounts cannot use the game at the same time.