Stay on for TU Steam Alpha, or hide under bed

Thunderstorm here in England, Northumberland right now. I’m a massive astraphobe and a very close lightning strike made a boom loud enough for me to scream.

I wanna be on for the TU Alpha Steam release, but I might have to go hide under my bed for a while. Please help. :crying_cat_face:

if you have a laptop, play it under bed
if you have desktop, move under bed and play
or any table or even under the bedsheets :smiley:

There is only one answer to this question. Stay up. :smile_cat:

Also, I’m from the UK and am experiencing a thunderstorm right now, the power went off and has only just come back on. So I will be going to bed and letting the storm pass and play with it uninterrupted in the morning. :smile:

I know it’s not very useful to post in this thread anymore, but I like thunderstorms :smile:. If there was a thunderstorm here, I wouldn’t give a shit and just play anyway :stuck_out_tongue:. What adds to the coolness of thunderstorms, is that I live in a high up flat rather than in a one-family house.

I also like thunderstorms except for the fact that it could cause a power outage and make me lose unsaved game data and stuff like that. Also being outside in a thunderstorm is the worst experience, while I was hiking I was caught in a thunderstorm (closest lightning was 3 seconds away) and I had to stay in “lightning position” in the rain and hail for at least 45 minutes.
Also I had to hike for like 2 more hours just to get to the next campsite and change out of soaking wet clothes.

I used to be ok with thunderstorms, but a random tornado a couple of years ago fixed that for me, lol :fearful:

Atleast there is no way there can be tornados in my region, as I am faaaaar away from any large, wide coasts.

I’m 30 minutes away from Galveston.

superbump, I know, but that must make you to be in Pasadena or La Porte?

Well, maybe an hour or so.

I live in Rosenberg.

aaaa why are people still replying to this.

Because it’s 100 years old.

We’re still replying to you, because we love you and we want your attention.

[quote=“Cakemagic, post:13, topic:2074”]we love you