Stats that Don’t Track (LIST)

List of stats that don’t increase/decrease:
Typing Derby (Best Score)
Typing Derby (Total Score)
Zombie Massacre (Ramming Shield Kills)
Zombie Massacre (Shots Fired/Hit/Missed)
Zombie Massacre (Auto Shotgun Kills)
Zombie Massacre (Character Days Survived)
Virus (Infected Killed)
Virus (Deaths)
Virus (Been Last Survivor)
Virus (Bullets Fired/Hit/Missed)
Virus (All Gun Kills)

Last Updated: 3/13
Let me know if you know of any other stats that don’t track; havent been able to play everything


These are coming soon.

Odd, I managed to get Captain America aka the Ramming Shield achievement, but the one for the Mercenary doesn’t work for me (Dodge This)

This should be fixed in, which is out now.


Updated it with all Virus stats that don’t update

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