I recently have been having issue with starting up my game. About 2 days ago I was betting on the double or nothing machine in the casino and I figured I should probably get off and go to bed. A message popped up asking if I was still there, I clicked the key it asked me to click and I got off the casino machine. I then realized that I had non of the clothing on that I was supposed to have on and my money was at 20,000 instead of being at around 20k which I was at earlier. I just closed the game because I was tired and I didn’t feel like dealing with the issue at the time. I don’t know if that is related to my startup issue but I thought I would throw it in. The next day I went to try to launch the game, I saw the first smaller startup screen and then my entire screen when black with Tower Unite. After about 2 or 3 minutes of waiting my entire PC becomes frozen and I cannot click on anything but I can move my mouse around. I had to hard restart my pc, so I did and after my pc rebooted I tried to reopen Tower Unite. The same thing happend again. 3 days later I repeated these steps and it still occurred so I tried verifying integrity of the game files. After that I tried to start it up again and it still did not work. I was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue, and if so how would I fix it.


That’s the same number.


Lol, I meant 800.


In regards to the money being incorrect, due to the way the casino works and to reduce network traffic, the client will predict how many units the player has, and sometimes this can get out of sync with the actual amount of units the player has on our servers.

Once this is resolved, it would be helpful if you could let us know if that issue has resolved itself as well.


After reinstalling the game as Caboose700 has suggested the issue has been resolved. Thanks for the help.


Issue is still occurring now that I tried to open the game today.

Crash log from 5/10/18-

Crash log from 5/12/18-

I am assuming these logs generate every time I open my game and it freezes my entire computer.


Are your graphics drivers up to date?


I gone through both of the crash dumps, unfortunately nothing coming from Tower Unite as far as I can see. The crash seems to originate from KERNELBASE.DLL, which is a Windows DLL so we can’t see what’s causes that to crash.

There’s one thing I could suggest, and that would be to disable Raptr before starting the game. Just a guess but I notice it’s DLL was loaded when this crashed. As @macdguy said before as well, I would ensure your graphics drivers and just generally your system is up to date as well.