Standing on items while moving them in Condo teleports you with them

While placing items in a condo, if you are standing on top of an item (I’ve done limited testing but it happens with workshop and vanilla items), It will teleport you with them. This can result in clipping out of the map (visible in video later in the post)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place an Item in the condo (best results I think would be the OG Suite for clipping out of the map)
  2. Stand on said item.
  3. Move the item (not with the arrows)

What I expected to happen

I expected I would fall once the item was moved

What happened

I got teleported with the item I was trying to move, and ended up falling out of the map.

Notes / Media

I found this while trying to put a workshop item on a high-up honeycomb shelf, in one of the Suites in the resort. I had used the item itself to more easily reach the inside bottom of the shelf so I could place the item, but when I actually placed it, I got teleported out of the map and fell out of the world.
Video Demonstration: Tower Unite Bug - YouTube

I’ve actually used this as a way to instantly switch between perspectives when building. Why not use noclip instead?

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