Stairs are broken

you have to jump to get on the first step before you glide up the rest. it should be you just glide up all of them… it might be because its on the beach floor so its bumpy but please fix this

This is because you are walking into the bottom stairs from too low down. Move your stairs lower to fix this issue.
Moved to bug reports.

I know but… Actually i could probably use another item to do it

This is an intentional thing. If the stair is too tall, you won’t be able to climb it automatically.

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mac its on my beach i cant really lower it because then it would be sideways if i try using another item ill send you a screenshot on discord

UUUGGHH HERE I made a diagram to help your problem.
Blue is stairs, red is the base of the stairs, yellow is the sand, brown is the wall of the condo deck, and pink is Wood Walls that youll be placing to achieve this effect.

happy? God damn its not that hard all you need is retooling and noclip fuckin’ 'ey