Sprint + Jump Bug (?)

I’ve found that binding Sprint to Left Alt disables the ability to sprint while jumping with the space bar. I’ve not experimented with many other keys outside of Left Shift which (as default) works fine. Holding left alt specifically while jumping seems to be the source of the issue. I’ve used left alt as my sprint key in most other games, and while I’m only slightly inconvenienced by this not being possible in this game, it seems like it should.
It makes things like climb based condos or the rocket jumping much more difficult unless I revert my bindings for sprint back to default.
Could this be an issue on my end with some other bind I’m not noticing? I would appreciate some help on this :slight_smile:

Alt + Enter tries to open a menu for whatever the currently focused window is, usually with the options to change it’s size.

You can see this happening in Tower when you have it in windowed mode:

So I’m assuming that’s what’s preventing the Alt + Space combo from working in TU, as it’s already overruled as a Windows shortcut.

Even in full screen I’m experiencing this. It’s certainly weird behavior.

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Ye, I just included the windowed part so they could see what it was trying to do. I can’t do alt + space in borderless fullscreen either, but in windowed I get the little menu in the top left, which is what I was trying to show off.