Sport Courts Around the Plaza

Tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball maybe?


This can be done in condos, I guess it could be done in the plaza but I cant see it being very fun.


Having an outdoor sports centre where all of this is would be pretty cool


This would be nice to decorate the island a little more, even if it lacks functionality. The area behind the Tower is quite barren at the moment.

I think this has potential, However you need to let the team know what type of things you will be able to do.
For instance, Do you want to have tennis to be? Like Wii Sports?

Football could be more of just a penalty shoot out type game where one is in goal while the other shoots, And you can get more points for trick shots like a corner or crossbar (Targets could also appear for a place they must hit to get more point if it goes in. Something to switch it up a bit.)

I don’t really know how the other gamemodes would work as im not a sporty person but i’d still be up for playing these types of games if they were released.

This could potentially be a bunch of game-modes that can reward points or be used to bet points against each other such as you do in Poker somewhere around the plaza like ermgerd42 suggested, A Sports center.
This would also make sense as i see the Plaza as a holiday resort type place, And what do most holiday resorts have for the rich and famous? SPORTS!

But yeah, Great potential just need to develop more of an insight to what you would want :3


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I definitely can.

Sorta like tennis in GTA.

I would LOVE this! Hope the devs take this idea in.