Split PAKs into groups

Now that the engine has been updated to 4.20 which supports PAK splitting, could the game be split into multiple PAKs? This would decrease download size for updates while still getting the loading benefits of using PAKs.

It could be done with one PAK per gamemode (plus one for Plaza and one for Condos). Or a PAK for all the game’s maps, another PAK for all models, etc. Or maybe the editing tools have a way to smartly optimize the splitting.

Oh yeah i totally forgot they can do this now (please add)


I noticed today’s update was something like 48MB for “lowbandwidth” but 1.2GB for the default PAK branch. This seems big for a small bug fix. Splitting into multiple PAKs could decrease that download size and make it worth switching from “lowbandwidth” to default.


The actual download for PAK was only 600mb. In previous updates it would be 12GB. Steam improved PAK downloading. But we will investigate splitting the PAK when we are able to.