Spin to Win randomization

So I’ve been thinking–we all know that the GMT Spin to Win wheel is “RIGGED,” to say the very least (as in, you have a 1/3 chance to win 1 GMC, 1/1000000000000 chance to win a Sunabouzu Shrine, even though all the spaces are even placed, etc.), so why not have the wheel for TU be randomly generated every in-game day? All the spaces on the spinner can be different, and there can be a chance of rare items appearing on the wheel in tiny slivers. And it would make the playing field more even, since there would probably be more common items generated on the wheel and people would have more of a chance to win those, compared to rare items (in which only one or maybe two would appear on the wheel in a single generation).

What do you guys think?


AND if it didn’t slow down horrifically on the last few selections. That always bugged me.


We’re gonna need some Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generators here, wouldn’t you say @Zak :wink:


I think it should also not have 3 types of momentum. For example, on GMT, when you spin, it slows down and has about three patterns it takes to stop. Either it will stop in the middle of s slot, or juuuust barely make it to the next slot, etc. I’d want it to be random.


I think aslong as the animation speed is sped up and the variety in rewards is more balanced I can live with it being a pretty basic system.


@Caboose700 you’re crusin for a brusin there bucko.


Yep. That’s how it becomes blatantly obvious that it’s rigged. You can see it sorta jitter/frame jump right when the “predicted slowdown” begins.

Would be nice if it was actually physics enabled and the little post bounced off of all the pegs.

Wow i just realized how old this is and I read through it as though it was recent LOL