Spin to Win casino milestone for Condos - Let players adjust the odds or make them 100% random

This milestone is exclusively made for condos, why does it lands so much often into “Absolutely Nothing”? Out of 20 spins, 18 were on Absolutely Nothing.

I had a fun idea with a custom wheel of fortune, with canvas stuff, but with these current odds, it’s nearly impossible to achieve.

Either let player change the odds, or make everything purely random?

I thought it was always meant to land on Absolutely Nothing because it doesn’t have any payouts to my knowledge since you don’t lose any units spinning it.

The units that goes flying towards the wheel when using it is just the same as the real spin to win wheel in casino, but in condos, it doesn’t take any units from your bank.

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Making the wheel a canvas would be extremely good.


This is already a thing, but is actually bugged and doesn’t display anything but the current wheel.