Spacesuit default player model

Props to @CalculatorSpoon for the recent Workshop upload:

If there are ever new default player models added to the base game, please consider a full-body spacesuit like the old Gmod Tower one. It would be an excellent choice.

  • Simple, humanoid silhouette
  • Cool (!!)
  • GMT legacy?
  • Gender neutral
  • Easy & effective color-changing for entire body
  • Theme-encompasing
    ** Outbreak containment suit
    ** Racecar driving suit (jumpsuit + helmet)
    ** Surreal space-platforming suit??
    ** Scifi-jetpacks-everywhere-in-the-game suit???

Oh huh, I think that model should have normal maps (unless it does in the screenshot and I’m blind)

edit: also I would also really enjoy a spacesuit in TU, it was the main playermodel I used back in GMT


This can work as a workshop playermodel.
Nice one by the way.

I mean you can apply that to every cosmetic, because it’s planned to have workshop accessories and things as well.
But if you do that, you’d never get anything new in the base game :​/

It also is a workshop model, but I think an Astronaut model would be a cool default option as I find the current default playermodel options lacking.


i wish all default models (except the skeleton and the milk carton although needs more additonal animations) should be replaced by the spacesuit, atleast i won’t see their hideous fuse face :scream_cat: