Source Movement?

I know this has been asked before but is the bunny hop item thing still being worked on? I only ask cause I thought foohy was the one who was making that and I might be wrong but i thought i saw somewhere that he left. Just wanted to know.


I’ll be making it an item soon, probably after Halloween, along with the speed shoe equivalent.


Since Mac only address part of what you said, yes, Foohy and a few others left. They’re the ones who made Jazztronauts.

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Considering it’s not even on the Trello yet, I seriously doubt it.

Sadly, not every detail is on Trello. We don’t have a Trello card for upcoming items which maybe we should.


Ah, good point. Keep forgetting it’s an item. And yeah, N upcoming items card would be pretty neat

I’ve added it to Trello here:

It’s called BHopper for now.


Ok, now I’m very intrigued by Sky Boots, Space Boots, and Iron Boots.

Yeah I’m intrigued by those as well. I have a few guesses on what they may be but no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Iron Boots: Possibly to walk on the bottom of the ocean (or other bodies of water). I can see this being needed after the ocean expansion as there’d probably be treasure or collectibles on the seabed.

Sky Boots: High Jump maybe? The only other thing I can think of is gliding or walking in the air for some duration.

Space Boots: Perhaps something to do with anti gravity? Maybe you can walk up walls or on ceilings with these equipped.

I misread the title as Sauce Movement, I’m done.

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That’s the Spaghetti Sauce item that just makes you slip and fall constantly.


Ah, so Super Smash Bros. Brawl movement, then.

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