Soundtrack Streaming Now Available on Google Play!


Hey guys!

The OST is now available to stream on Google Play! Check it out here. As with the Steam and Bandcamp versions, I’ll be continually adding new songs as new content for Tower is released.

If you have the Steam/Bandcamp versions already as well as a Google Play Music subscription, you can support me even further by streaming it instead (I get paid per-play instead of through sales, WOAH)

Sidenote: for those wondering about a Spotify or Apple Music release, it looks like it won’t be possible (for the time being, at least) since you need a distributor/label to get anything on them.

Thanks and happy listening!

<3 will


Wow, even Google Play? That’s Awesome!




Keep it up with the “streaming stuff”!


Good stuff, but I already synced my Bandcamp copy through Google Play, which means I have two copies of it in my library.



Thanks for all the hard work you put into the soundtrack by the way! It’s awesome! Listening to it now on Google Play.
Do you plan to add the soundtrack to Spotify too? Out of curiosity.
Edit: My bad. Didn’t read the post fully. Was too excited.


said in post


Oh… I don’t know how I missed that. Sorry about that!


Hm, okay. Is it possible to get this on Amazon or Pandora, though?


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