Soundtrack differences

To preface, loving the soundtrack! It’s a beautifully created collection of music. However, one song varies quite differently from its original incarnation, and I was wondering if it was possible for dongle to look into including it via an update.

The song I’m referring to is the “Kickstarter” tune; this is the original. Since I’m not sure if I’m allowed to upload OST files, you can find the music in the steam trailer here.

Theres a few significant changes between the two versions; mainly the tempo is a bit faster, and the music progresses differently. This gives the original a more subdued tone versus the faster, more energetic mix found on the OST.

Of course this doesn’t directly affect me as I have both saved from when it was offered on Soundcloud last year plus the OST, but I do prefer the original more, and would love a FLAC version of it :smirk:


I noticed that too. Doesn’t really bug me, though.

I noticed too a couple months ago but it would be nice to have both versions on the OST