Sounds like an invitation

From the kickstarter email list:

We have new rewards, returning rewards, giveaways, parties and all sorts of fun activities that will occur during the 30 day campaign!

So when does parties occur? Can I come?

Woah, I never knew about this. I wonder who’s invited >.>


I’ll definitely bring prezels. Tons and tons of prezels.

Don’t bring the soft, warm and delicate ones covered in salt.

Bring the tiny crunchy ones that everyone had for lunch in elementary school. Those are worse.

The worst part is that I liked them :(

The soft, warm and delicate ones are life :heart_decoration:

Those HAVE to be there.
Oh, and this:

(Is there any way to scale images? I don’t like posting these large-ish images from

In the < img > tag, after you have the source of the image, make a space,
then type: 'width: “specify” height: “specify” . Just put the dimensions where ‘specify’ is.
Also, you know want i’m bringing :sunglasses:

Mlgs are on the house