Sony Vegas Question

I use the youtube app so I don’t have a link to my channel but here is a video from my channel. … why does my quality look like garbage what is the best possible render settings. I have a gtx 980… my computer is good. I don’t feel like typing all the specs but can anyone give some advice on rendering?

I’m pretty sure it’s just on youtube’s end. Youtube does dumb down the quality by a little bit so you’re not gonna be able to upload a video that looks exactly like the original file no matter what rendering settings. :confused:

Uh, it doesn’t look like garbage for me? Looks fine on my end, the 60 FPS looks fine too. Tested it on wide and fullscreen too.

Looks fine. Make sure you turn off resampling in your clip properties. I couldn’t tell if it was on, but it makes clips look sharper.

alright thanks and it is off