Songs You'll Be Jamming To In Condos And Nightclubs



Presenting to you the grandest most upbeat tunes from that one part of the Internet.

Don’t worry that’s not the whole soundtrack that’s just cutting the super well known parts out.


I’ll be jammin out to these songs

Peeping Tom:

The Wanderer:

Dragon Quest VIII(Heavenly Flight):

Gekokujo Feudal Japan:

Those are just the few





Hmm. Songs I jam to in my condo? One that I absolutely love would be O K H O - Such A Waste. It’s a pretty relaxing but jam-pak’d song.

Another song that’s great would be Autechre - Rale. If you like IDM, you should like this type of music too.

And finally, we have Drexciya - Unknown Journey VII, which will be my home’s song once Underwater Condo drops.







80’s (and a little bit of 90’s, and this one song from 2007) Core



You are amazing. The Ecstasy of Gold. The Good The Bad and The Ugly is my favorite movie. I have Sergio Leone posters all over my theater room.



Apparently movies have their soundtracks on YouTube, so…
Here’s some for livelier scenes.

And here's some for calmer scenes.


Any soundtrack from any of the Hotline Miami games or from Metal Gear Rising



Here’s my picks:

And if I just want to chill: