Something to Remember the Gemstones by

I was thinking we could have the gemstones from the Indiegogo be setup on display somewhere in TU, like fitted into slots in the Ferris Wheel or lining the fountain in the middle of the lobby, I want these to be like a reminder of how far the indiegogo made it.


Yeah, that would be a nice nostalgia-trip.

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That’d fit well with the backer plaque and $75 tier wall :smiley:

I agree, maybe even with what @Drachen said, perhaps above the plaque? That’d be kinda neat.

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maybe a picture on a wall of it?
i feel like TU needs a Hall of Memories or something like that
with pictures and items from Gmod tower
something like “1st day of starting Gmod tower” or “Lobby 2” stuff like that
so everyone can think back onto where it all started… good times… good times


I think it’d be cool to have the actual gemstones in game, though.

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