Something that's been bondering me about the casino machines

how do they work?

I mean, half of the machines don’t have a money output slot and not a single one has a money input slot

unless we all carry some kind of Unit credit cards that automatically connect with the machines, this makes no sense

I don’t get what your trying to ask. The closest I can answer is AGC.

where do I put my units?

where do I collect the units I win?

You choose how much credits to bet, (1 credit = 5 units) and roll by clicking the thing you roll with in a real casino (most older ones) or you can click space. To bet the credits are to the right and are the orange buttons, you can also click 1 2 and 3 on your keyboard to change bet amounts.

I know how to play the machines.

What I’m asking is where we put our units and where the winnings are dispensed. Since the machine models don’t seem to have any slots for that

What do you mean put units where?

Where do people insert their coins?

The models have no slots to insert them reeeeee

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Oh, I don’t know. I found one for them coming out.

this is breaking my immersion literally unplayable 0/10

he’s talking about how unrealistic it is.
Units just fly into the machine and out.
but where is the slot for the units or the slot for units coming out of the machine :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything is done through credit and the money flying to and from the machine is simply a hallucination. :^)

The money comes out at the bottom of the machines

As for where the money goes, that part is probably magic.


what about doubleornothing, videoblackjack and videopoker?

Looks like double or nothing is the only one that works with 100% magic