Somes Units Animations

There i’ll suggest to bring back, some cool visuals effects I loved seeing in GMT.

Here’s a video i found, just skip to 1:01

1 - The floating coins
2 - The sound variance (pitch) depending the ammount of gmc (units) you earned / spent
3 - The animated gmc (units) counter

As I remember, you could see your coins flying towards the shops, the casino and even in gamemodes.
Mac, bring this back for us. :’)


Oh god all my yes, I LOVED these animations. :full_moon:
I wanna see them return,

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I was going to suggest this, but never got around because of work. I would really like to see this come back, especially when you’re playing slots, & you decide to bet 800 coins, love hearing that wonderful sound wasting my coins!

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Yeah, and when you sold something expensive, all the coins that came from the ground and going to you. That is too fun, it must return.

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I support this. It is a good cause! I loved selling stuff just to have the sound and animation of all that cash coming to you.

It just added to the already good feeling of getting money and made it better!

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Passed the 60 votes, you guys are cool!

I approve, i loved them in the casino and they are pretty easy to implement. (Make a unit model and an animation to spin it and then recycle the sound effects or make new ones.)


This absolutely needs to be in the game before the Casino goes up.

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