Someone named "Devs Pls AddVoteKick" has been prolonging games


Their steam name is “Devs Pls AddVoteKick”
They have been joining random minigolf servers and then do not play at all but, also don’t let themselves become AFK so that you have to wait the longest amount of time between each hole.
I wasn’t able to grab the Steam-ID.


If your filing a player report you have to do that privatley. Also the devs can’t do anything about it if it’s not on the official servers


maybe this person want a votekick system , that something like this (what he does ) not happens


This person just joined Drrabbit, and some other twitch streamer for like three games of golf. He is pretty annoying. I did snag his steamcommunity URL, though.


But we can’t do anything about unless he joined an TU official server, I’m annoying and they can’t do anything(I am aware this is annoying on another level, but still if i said the n word i believe there is nothing the devs can do)


In, we have a system that allows us to temporarily ban players from other player hosted servers (you can opt-out of this feature).


and a votekick option?


people could abuse it though
like 2 friends are playing golf and it is a open game then 3 guys come in and vote kick the hosts friends for no reason and win since there is more of the poopy butt face kicking bullies and then leave making the host a lonely boy :frowning: :’(


Except that I’ve never seen a game that allows you to kick the host.


no im on about if people come in and kick the hosts friends not the host, so basically a group of people going into peoples games and kicking other random players because there is more of them to allow it.
unless only the host can activate a vote kick that would resolve most of issues about it :thinking:


Oh, whoops. Read that wrong. Yeah, I have seen that become a problem in games before. Allowing the host to initiate vote-kick definitely isn’t uncommon and it does help mitigate problems. I’ve played a few games with systems like that and it tends to work well, so I’m all for that.


Some people have too much time on their hands


Ya because I have friends that are usually older than me I get hazed a lot so, It’s nice knowing they can’t as a joke just kick me(with my current friends this will most likely not happen but, if I’m having “down” times and are annoying I don’t want them to kick me and(this has happned before) have me end up in a psychiatric hospital)


Why do you think that you can kick someone with 1 vote when there are 3 players in it?

2/3 of the votes should be positive to kick someone.


no i said 3 people join the game [quote=“LittleLuke, post:10, topic:28519”]
a group of people going into peoples games

(the game has 2 people in it) and kick a random player that is not the host then they leave again (leaving the server with just 1 person aka the host).
it was an example of that big groups of people can go around on minigames with less players and kick people, if anyone could start votekick