Someone else donated 3k!

Dayum son. WE ARE PRETTY close to 70k now xD


Let’s just hope a Robin Hood comes within the next 32 hours.

i totally agree i would love to see the 70k smashed

Let’s hope if that’s the case the community actually acts sensible when it comes to voting for the next feature.


Yeah. Just saw it already, we were discussing about it in the IRC just now.

To think that a person with 3K can simply get to speak with the development team so easy it’s so weird. After all, the guy is basically a publisher for the game.

They aren’t really a publisher I think. They are only credited as a co-producer. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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oh man, were totally gonna make it :smiley:

That dude deserves our respect. Someone so devoted to this game he can donate 3K… We can do it, guys. Let’s blast that 70K barrier!

I’m quite shocked we managed to do this without advertising (unless there was advertising and I missed it).

Heavy advertising on the Cinema video load page Kappa

I meant advertising like in Youtuber support. Sorry.

We’ve got Rob, So we’re covered

What does Rob have to do with it?

He’s all the advertisement we need :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry. I don’t understand.

Holy crap! We’re already at 69K!

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HOLY SHIT here we fucking go!

oh my god, that went by quickly!

Only one final boost to reach 70K!

Sorry folks. I have disabled any further payments on the IGG. Guess we wont be seeing the $70k after all.