Some videos will play on TV, while others will not

To me it’s rather perplexing. As stated, Youtube videos will either play normally or not at all. Those that don’t give an error on the TV, saying the browser does not support video format.
Not a single video from Twitch would play whatsoever.

I’ve look through previous threads on this kind of issue, but none of the solutions worked. I don’t believe the Adobe flash plugin I’ve installed for Chromium-based browsers is of any help.

I’m not in the Steam beta and the game is not blocked by firewalls. I can play all videos (including those on Twitch) normally in the Steam overlay, but as soon as I put one particular video on a TV, it refuses to play and gives the aforementioned browser error.

Maybe the videos that won’t play used the H.264 codec, and seeing from recent posts that TU is using the Unreal engine for their browser, that could be why. But I could be wrong, so I don’t know for sure.

it’s the codec, as far as ive heard something happened with the codec they were using and they’ve had to downgrade, hence why we can’t use soundcloud, twitch streams, ect anymore

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SoundCloud works, just not twitch. They moved to a sort of built-in browser in unreal instead of the steam client one being used before since it was crashing and not working a bunch, but they ended up sacrificing twitch support for it when doing so.