Some tweaks/suggestions/one actual balance issue

Some people like change and some don’t. These are just some tweaks that I’ve come up with while playing ZM for a long time. Some could be great, others maybe aren’t so great. I just thought; “what the hell…” and put these suggestions up because maybe at the end of the day they’ll encourage some new ideas or maybe get implemented into ZM.

  • Make a tougher bullet sponge zombie that is easier to kill with melee but is riskier to fight close range.

  • Make range on all melee weapons different. For instance: Katana is longer range than hand axe.

  • Make journalist right click ability buff players in AOE instead of killing zombies.

  • Make mercenary’s A.L.P.S. a single large laser that can be deployed from anywhere, kind of like an airstrike.

  • Buff normal zombie speed a bit.

  • Electrician’s combo ability should electrify a magazine in the weapon they are currently using, making their bullets able to do damage to multiple targets that are close-by.

  • (If melee damage seems too op by changes suggested here, making animations take a few milliseconds longer could combat this.)

  • Possibly set a fixed FOV for difficulty reasons.

  • Blowing up the gas station pumps should also damage you, so should car explosions.

  • If you don’t get on the chopper you should keep your weapons from the end of the round. (I always thought this would be a good way to implement keeping weapons you find at the end of the round in ZM.)

  • Scientist’s blackhole should be changed so that it places one blackhole but also places another somewhere random. Zombies that enter the blackhole’s AOE will die instantly. But if a human enters it, it will transport them to the second blackhole located elsewhere on the map but instantly disables the teleport function.

  • The final boss stage on village should allow you to explode the car.

  • There is a really useful camping spot on Compound at spawn. No zombies are able to spawn behind you and there is no route behind you so you can sit there all game as engineer and never get hit.

But yeah, I’m posting these because I am very passionate about this gamemode and I think some of these suggestions could make it more interesting and action packed! I hope It’s not controversial since I think it’s really only some minor tweaks to gameplay and ideas to spice up the power-ups.